Seachdain na Gàidhlig

I’ve been involved for the last few years in the running of Seachdain na Gàidhlig (Edinburgh Gaelic Festival). This has been very rewarding and I look forward to the opportunity to use my Gaelic skills for pretty much the whole of the week. One of the most difficult things about learning Gaelic (or any language really) is to get a chance to use it extensively in everyday life. This is really the only way that anyone can become fluent in any language. Although I wouldn’t say that Seachdain na Gàidhlig provides this outright it is probably the closest I’ll get short of doing an immersion course at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig or moving to the Western Isles. I hope that it also helps to foster a sense of community and celebration for the Gaelic speakers of Edinburgh. It really wouldn’t be possible without the organisers of all the various events that take place during Seachdain na Gàidhlig and of course Bria Mason who chairs the committee and puts in a massive amount of work to design and produce the programmes and liaise with everyone involved.

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