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Over a number of years I have been gradually adding to a spreadsheet I produced to help me with the patterns of Gaelic grammar. It’s just the way my brain works. Feel free to have a browse and if you would like to get a copy let me know by sending me a message in the comments below. The first two categories I put on to this website using a table which you can edit and change. The whole speadsheet is available on Google Docs although it is not the latest version.

Masculine Concrete Nouns

Feminine Concrete Nouns

Google Docs Spreadsheet

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Hi Sharman, that’s fine if you want to make a copy. It is still a work in progress but fee free to use it as a basis for your own one. If you feel that you want to contribute something as a thank you and this is entirely up to you I have a new album I am fundraising for on Go Fund Me. The link is:

Le deagh dhùranchd,


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